Mug Frens

Contract: 0x2a34f7e8f7319a9f827cb6ffa6bf62163b1cfd9d
Metadata: ipfs://bafkreiebowuoukglxgqfqeezxl5lk2ral3n6jfedjryyd2slgq2frj6sdi

Mug Frens is an all-identical NFT collection of a collage of frens. The collection was created so you can get a dope physical mug from Anyone who has a fren from the original collection can mint a Mug Frens NFT. One Crypto Frens NFT can only mint one Mug Frens NFT. However, if you have acquired your Crypto Frens NFT through the secondary marketplace, it might have been already used to claim a Mug Frens NFT.

You can mint your Mug Frens NFT on Snowtrace. Use 2nd read function, frenClaimed, to check if you have a fren that returns false. If you have a such fren, use its number on the 2nd write function, mint, to mint your Mug Frens NFT.

Mug Frens

Yep, this is the NFT. There is 10k of this shit.


Go to if you want these mugs.