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Things to consider when minting:

  • Both the name and description are immutably recorded on chain.
  • Contract owner can censor inappropriate names and descriptions, such that they do not show up in secondary marketplaces.
  • Censoring power will be renounced after minting and vetting is complete.
  • There is 32 character limit on names.
  • Non-ASCII characters take up more than one character space.
  • The longer the description length the higher the gas cost will be.
  • The description length is only limited by block gas limit (i.e.: technical limitation).
  • The tartan can be a symbol for your family, city, school, club, DAO, etc. Or it can be a symbol for an imaginary clan, tribe, kingdom, etc.
  • In the end, your imagination is the limit for the contents of the name and description.