Wrapped CryptoFrens

Contract: 0xB5010D5Eb31AA8776b52C7394B76D6d627501C73
Pair: 0x5b9a275b4c41aa16e38cbed51a5267473cbf8f7d

1 fren = 1 wrapped fren

Wrapped CryptoFrens is an ERC20 token that can be minted with frens. One fren can be used to mint one wrapped fren token. Similarly, a wrapped fren ERC20 token can be burned to claim fren NFT.

Wrapped CryptoFrens has two utilities. First, it enables CryptoFrens to be integrated into wider DeFi ecosystem thanks to ERC20 standard. Second, it creates a community pool of frens, allowing people to swap their frens for free.


To mint a wrapped frens ERC20, you can go to your wallet page, select a fren, then click on WRAP. Please note that, even though you can always claim a fren by burning one wrapped fren ERC20, there is no guarantee that your old fren will still be there, as someone else might have claimed it.


To claim a wrapped fren, check all the frens owned by the Wrapped CryptoFrens contract. You can then select a fren and hit CLAIM to uwnrap it.



You can select a fren below to claim it with 1 WFREN.