Fren 160

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You can send this fren to the Slurp Monster and get a new random fren for 0.1 AVAX. When you swing you are refunded 1.4 AVAX for your current fren, hence only the difference from the 1.5 AVAX mint cost is required. Click button below to swing.


You can send this fren to the Slurp Monster and get refunded 1.3 AVAX. If you do this your fren will suffer a lot. Please don't.


You can wrap this fren to get 1 Wrapped CryptoFrens ERC20 token (WFREN). You can always unwrap 1 WFREN to get back a FREN. However, you are not guaranteed to get back the same FREN you wrapped. So, do not wrap FRENs you would hate to lose.


You can swap this fren with any other wrapped frens for free. To do this, you can either just hit SWAP below to get the last wrapped fren, or you can check all the wrapped frens and enter the number of the one you want to get.


This fren is owned by Wrapped CryptoFrens contract. You can claim this fren by burning 1 WFREN ERC20 token.